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About Dirk



While growing up in Los Angeles, Dirk Arthur was able, through Hollywood’s  famed Magic Castle Club and Academy, to learn from and be mentored by the world’s top professionals and has devoted his life to perfecting his craft.


Years of research, collaboration and invention, along with thousands of live performances to test his ideas, have won him the accolades of fans and industry peers as well. This experience and devotion has paid off offering the world of illusion a brand new master showroom and artist.


His original illusions include a floating car, a lightning fast appearance of a 44 foot long Amtrak Train and he was the first magician in history to make a helicopter appear! This helicopter illusion has since been widely copied and become a staple of many other magicians, although none can do it quite as well as the originator, who takes it even farther now by causing it to vanish and reappear hovering over the audience!

Arthur is known around Las Vegas as one of the most successful magicians in town. He also appeared on television on “NBC’s World Greatest Magic”, “Late Show with David Letterman” and his own widely acclaimed primetime special “Big Cat Magic” on the Animal Planet network.


When Arthur was a child he got his first magic trick from a cereal box and magic quickly became an obsession. His natural affinity for animals immediately came into effect as he worked with rabbits, doves, large birds such as emus and ostriches and eventually large exotic cats. His family of big cats currently holds no equal in the performing world and includes white, orange and snow white tigers; African and Snow leopards; even Ligers; and a very sneaky bobcat.


During his show the audiences can instantly see his love for his animals as they are treated with the utmost respect and gentleness and he’s also a leading advocate of preserving endangered species and for the humane and proper care of all the animals of the world.

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